28 08 2019

At Orsolina 28, the Assifero Symposium on the future of Fondazioni di Famiglia

foto esemplificativa del simposio di assifero a orsolina 28

“The meeting will aim to outline what challenges and strategic developments will involve Fondazioni di Famiglia until 2030”

How does the future look for Fondazioni di Famiglia? This will be the focus of the Symposium of the Italian Association of Foundations and Institutions of Institutional Philanthropy (Assifero) which will be held at Orsolina 28 on September 10, 2019.

The meeting, hosted in Moncalvo (AT) by Fondazione Carlo Denegri Social Venture, will aim to outline the challenges that Fondazioni di Famiglia will face in the coming years and which strategic developments are possible by 2030.

National and international guests will be in attendance. They will offer food for thought and steer the discussion among participants, including Prof. Mario Calderini, Anna Detheridge of Connecting Cultures and the Assifero President, Felice Scalvini. During the event, experts and participants will meet and debate in plenary and small-groups sessions to define what actions and what impact will be possible to generate for Fondazioni di Famiglia’s next decade of activities.

In addition,  Mario Orione, the General Secretary of the Denegri Social Venture Foundation, will speak at the end of the morning on the birth and objectives for the future of the Foundation. His participation will mainly focus on the presentation of the mission and a broader and more open vision that can have a social impact in Italy, even in the long term, through investments and philanthropic actions.

The Fondazioni di Famiglia Symposium will be open only to invited participants, and its work on September 10 will be preceded by a welcome cocktail and a dinner on the evening of September 9, with official welcome by Michele and Simony Denegri.

Supporting the Third Sector, contributing to innovation projects and redistributing resources in the communities are just some of the objectives the Foundations seek to pursue, but the sector is constantly changing. In fact, Assifero has been committed to strengthening the Italian philanthropic sector since 2003, having involved around 100 Italian family, business and community foundations. In Italy, Assifero is an active member of ASviS, the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development, and of the Italian Alliance for social development, while through membership in European and international associations involving a wide network of Foundations and grantmakers, the Association leverages its solid expertise and provides a global vision that never looses sight of societal changes, and, therefore, on the role of the Foundations play in engendering social impact.