10 10 2019

Fondazione Carlo Denegri signs a Memorandum of Understanding and joins Torino Social Impact

“The objective of Torino Social Impact is to involve companies and institutions to develop entrepreneurship with a high social impact in the Turin ecosystem”

On 7 October last, Fondazione Carlo Denegri Social Venture signed a Memorandum of Understanding to officially join the Torino Social Impact project network, which supports social innovation, social entrepreneurship and social-impact finance within of the Turin ecosystem.

The objective of Torino Social Impact is indeed to aggregate public and private companies and institutions in a community that can contribute to developing entrepreneurship with a high social impact and technological intensity across the Turin metropolitan area.

How Project Torino Social Impact is born

Torino Social Impact stems from the need to support a new generation of innovators, businesses and financial investors who can combine sustainability and economic and financial profitability with the support of technology. The ultimate goal is to engender a positive social impact by finding answers and solutions to emerging social needs.

To this end, Turin presents an ideal ecosystem: it is rich in the resources needed to create and intercept these development opportunities, thanks both to its scientific and technological excellence and a Third Sector with entrepreneurial skills, and to an investment-oriented financial system that can generate a positive social impact.

The Memorandum of Understanding

Some of the relevant development points detailed in the Memorandum of Understanding are the promotion of civic technologies and co-planning between public and private to provide services to the community, creating a broad social planning network that can engender connections with other national and international networks.

Thanks to the synergy between the parties to the MoU, it is possible to work together to transform Turin into the city of the future, through collective governance and the active participation of all Torino Social Impact supporters, including Fondazione Carlo Denegri.