01 08 2019

Results achieved by PerMicro, and its projects in the 2018 Annual Report

foto del report annuale 2018 di permicro

“PerMicro's Annual Report 2018 was officially presented; its focus is on social and human issues”

PerMicro’s 2018 Annual Report was officially presented last May. The Company is one of Italy’s most important microcredit companies and supported by the Denegri Social Venture Foundation. The Report is an accounting document detailing the financial results and activities carried out during 2018; it offers an overview of the financial the status and socio-environmental impact of PerMicro’s work.

At the time of the presentation, the CEO underscored that, unlike the traditional institutional documents, this budget intends to focus attention on the social- and human-impact work carried out by PerMicro. “The financial statements explain very well what happened during the year, but does not say much about us, our dreams, our passions and our daily rush to succeed. The objective of this document is to let readers in through the window to look around a bit, so that they too can become passionate about microcredit, discovering nuances that until now are hardly visible”. The report also contains some testimonials from stakeholders who were involved during the year.

One of PerMicro’s successful projects in 2018 was Project LEI – Lavoro.Emancipazione.Inclusion, aimed at women jailed at the Lo Russo Cutugno prison, in Turin, which is co-financed by PerMicro. The aim of the project is to improve the living conditions of jailed women, offering them opportunities both inside the prison and outside for their socio-work reintegration. The main objective of the project is the co-construction of a path that responds to personal needs, in order to strengthen self-esteem, as well as rediscover and improve personal attitudes and abilities, and hone professional skills. Through preparing themselves for a new path for the future, both inside and outside the prison, women inmates can improve their quality of life.

Forty-two women were involved in these training activities in 2018, but the goal for 2019 is to increase the number of participants to 50, by widening the range of activities offered. To date, the activities vary from sewing, embroidery and other creative training courses delivered by the Arione Laboratory, to the professional training of Fondazione Casa di Carità Arti e Mestieri in tailoring and catering, and to job placement, under the guidance of the Extraliberi, Patchanka and Impatto Zero cooperatives. PerMicro, on the other hand, together with Museo del Risparmio, is in charge of guiding the participants in their socio-educational journey through meetings that delve into themes like financial education, self-entrepreneurship and access to microcredit.

For PerMicro, 2018 was a series of successful activities; for in-depth analysis and to find out in detail the results we achieved, please browse our Annual Report.