05 10 2019

The 2019 European Day of Foundations and Donors celebrates Europe’s 147,000 philanthropic institutions

immagine della campagna quanto cambia lanciata da acri e assifero

“Assifero and Acri, together with DAFNE, promoted the initiative in Italy with the awareness campaign #quantocambia”

On 1 October, Europe celebrated the Foundations and Donors whose contributions aim to achieve the common good. Europe’s 2019 Day of Foundations and Donors is at its seventh edition, counting 147,000 foundations and philanthropic institutions across 28 European countries.

DAFNE (Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe) promotes the initiative every year; this year, it launched FOCUS: Philanthropy, a photographic exhibition that showcases the stories of European philanthropic foundations and projects. The goal is to raise awareness of the important contribution to the philanthropic society and show its diversity in the European fabric.

Indeed, every year more than 60 billion Euros are destined to support Third Sector projects and realities, working closely with local communities to develop together projects in areas such as innovation, environmental protection, art, and culture and research, and to fight discrimination and poverty.

The European Day from Italy

Assifero and Acri, which are part of the DAFNE network, supported and promoted the project in Italy. “ Assifero renews its commitment and participation in European networks, in line with its vision of increasing circular information, good practices and innovative approaches, and of promoting an informed, connected and effective Italian philanthropic system, thus enhancing its social impact at national and European level,” said Felice Scalvini, Assifero President.

He also reflected upon Europe’s role in the sector development, sharing that “foundations and philanthropic institutions today have the ability and strength to contribute directly to a new model of sustainable development whose cornerstones are anchored to communities, while also being constantly and inextricably connected at the national and European level”.

#quantocambia, the Assifero and Acri campaign

In Italy, the foundations belonging to Assifero and Acri, including Fondazione Carlo Denegri Social Venture, joined forced this year to participate in the #quantocambia communication campaign. From a simple hashtag, the objective is to raise public awareness of the actors of the philanthropic sector in Italy, enhancing the role of foundations in catalysing new projects with different partners while pursuing the common good.

Thanks to networks consolidated over the years, philanthropic institutions can now activate social capital useful for the realization of innovative projects and play an extremely effective coordination role.

For more information on the campaign, visit www.quantocambia.it and follow the hashtag #quantocambia on social media.