We are convinced that any initiative that aims to build a better future must start with change among human beings.


The Fundation was born in 1985, since then we are active investing in R&D of rare and re-emerging infectious diseases. Today we are expanding our mission: we carry out initiatives with high capacity to transform society.

The Carlo Denegri Foundation wishes to draw inspiration from the essence of philanthropy in its most traditional term, evolving it through entrepreneurial skills, financial capital, technologies and connections to sectors, such as impact investing and venture philanthropy.



We dream of changing the world by connecting people, to discover the future through technological innovation.

Investment Sectors

Impact Investing

We invest in projects with a strong social and environmental impact, simultaneously contributing to the creation of financial returns. We are referring to investments in new-generation companies, organizations and funds in which the players invest pursuing social and financial goals.

Venture Philanthropy

We invest risk capital and material skills in entrepreneurial activities that finance innovative solutions to social and environmental problems. Our goal is to understand how to support entrepreneurial solutions that ensure the feasibility, effectiveness and sustainability of a project in the long term.